House completion

House completion

After completing the construction of any building or house, the completionis usually registered and the owner gets property documents. This requirescompletion of the construction. Construction completion is recognition ofconstruction’s readiness for use, which is evaluated after starting aninventory case, obtaining declaration from the Construction Inspection and anextract from the Center of Registers about the completed construction. The mainpurpose of the construction completion is evaluation and ensuring of safeexploitation of buildings.

Our buildings completion service

Our specialists offer full package of construction completion service, which includes handling all the documents required by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania willing to100%  legalize and register the completed construction:

  • full technical supervision of facilities from filling in the registers to evaluation of works quality;
  • managing of inventory case of cadastral measurements and taking geodetic photographs;
  • taking photographs of engineering networks;
  • water analysis;
  • acustic analysis;
  • noise measurements;
  • certificate of energy efficiency of a building;
  • declaration for the Construction Inspection;
  • providing and registration of declaration confirming the construction completion;

How much time does construction completion take?

Usually construction completion is a process requiring a lot of nerves;however UAB “Klaipėdos statybos kompanija” can help you not to get lost in “the jungles of papers”. We can complete and register your dwelling house, summerhouse, other different buildings and also incomplete construction. We will take care of quick and smooth legalization of all the documents and acts, and theprocess of construction completion will be of any trouble. We have done it many times – trust our experience and we will help you to save your time.

7 reasons why a house construction completion should be entrusted to us

  1. Our specialists’ have many years of experience, and the number of implemented houses completions has crossed
  2. We complete finished and unfinished houses and buildings constructions , that is why you do not need to take care of the things which take the most time and effort.
  3. We get all the documents necessary for a house completion  to a state commission.
  4. We represent your needs; help you not to get lost in the tricky world of houses completion .
  5. We quickly and qualitatively provide construction completion  services, taking into account the needs of every customer and reacting to them.
  6. After finishing an object completion to a state commission, we hand in a construction completion declaration or an act to the customer, and if there is an additional agreement, we register the object in the Centre of Registers.
  7. You can trust us, as a few tens of customers have already done.

If you are interested in construction completion or the applying service, we invite you to contact us on tel.: 8 686 53020 or via e-mail

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