Thermographic inspection

Thermographic inspection

Thermographic (thermovision) inspection is one of our team’s activity areas all over Lithuania. Although thermographic inspection is not obligatory for a house certification, it is however recommended,  if you want to find out and fix house elements letting cold inside not only through leaky slots and cracks. It is especially important for built earlier houses , which walls have air gaps and cold bridges, though the walls themselves do not have holes. After finding out with thermovision which elements let cold and wind inside, it becomes clear for the house owner, what and how he should take care of, how to save warmth of his house and reduce heat costs.

Although thermographic inspection  is not yet specified as an obligatory one for a house certification, KCC specialists, who have many years experience of providing thermovision service, noticed however, that most residential house owners are more apt to live in cozy, warm houses and pay less for heating, than freeze and heat the outdoors. That is why our customers, wondering where their premises warmth goes to, order thermographic measurements.

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