Energy audit

Energy audit

What is it energy audit?

Energy audit of buildings  is aprocedure during which energy consumption of buildings, technological processes, equipment or general energy input and (or) consumption necessary for providing public or private service is evaluated, economically based measuresof energy conservation are selected. Also a report of the audit is made and handed in to the customer.

What is the purpose of energy audit?

The purpose of energy consumption audit  is to evaluate a building’s condition and to select the appropriate renovation means, which would not only reduce energy consumption, but also improve hygiene and comfort conditions and increase the longevity of a building and/or its separate parts. The purpose of energy consumption audit alsoincludes identifying and suggesting measures to reduce energy loss and energy output:

  1. Identifying of energy loss through the building envelope (walls, roof, ceilings, which border with the outside, windows and other possible elements leaking the heat flow)
  2. Identifying and suggesting measures to reduce annual electricity consumption
  3. Identifying and suggesting measures to reduce annual energy consumption for water heating
  4. Identifying the defects of a building constructionwhich  can cause heat leakage and suggesting the ways of their elimination

The stages of energy audit conduction:

  1. Collecting input data describing the object
  2. Measuring energy parameters
  3. Technical analysis of energy, cold water consumption,making balance of energy and cold water consumption
  4. Re-calculation of actual energy consumption forfacility heating during heating season
  5. Selecting measures of energy and cold water conservation and estimating possible savings.
  6. Making of energy consumption balance
  7. Evaluation of economic efficiency of energy and cold water conservation
  8. Making audit report

In the energy audit report the main characteristics of each measure, suggested for implementation, areprovided, as well as their implementation extent, necessary investments, possible savings and period of conservation measures. To evaluate the necessity of implementation of energy conservation measures or their groups, there are the most important indicators of energetical and economical efficiency identified.

When is energy audit of building is conducted?

Energy audit  is conducted during building renovation with the purpose of receiving financial support from Stateor European Union Funds. There are audits of dwelling houses and public buildings. Also, energy consumption audits can be performed on request of the customer himself, who is willing to find out the condition of the technical and engineering systems of the building. It is also recommended to perform energy efficiency certification before and after the renovation.

Energy audits  are considered tobe pre-project (project) surveys which do not evaluate the obligatoryr equirements, but approximate quantity of works and materials is accepted (the exact quantity isidentified in the technical project), the prices are estimate, determined by steep prices for construction works.

If you are interested in conducting of energy audit of a building or energy efficiency certification, we invite you to contact us on tel. 8 686 53020  or via e-mail: . We work quicklyand efficiently all over Lithuania!

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