Air leakage testing

Air leakage testing

Air leakage testing, or tightness tests are the most important and necessary indicators of the house quality. From November 1, 2016 it will be only possible to project dwelling houses with energy class A  in the whole Lithuania. To certify such houses air leakage test conduct will be a must.

Without air leakage test and results conforming the EU standards it would be impossible to get energy performance certificate for a new house. It will be impossible to get the Sate Commission’s approval without the certificate. There is no other choice.

Building tightness test steps

Getting ready for tightness test:

  1. We measure the volume and area of the tested premises,
  2. inside and outside temperature of the premises
  3. We tightly close all the natural air leakage places in the premises, e.g., windows, doors, ventilation fenders. If tightness test is performed while the house is still being constructed – we tightly close pipelines openings and other possible open slots.
  4. In the entrance door opening we install a metal jamb, wrapped into firm, air-tight film. In that jamb we install a special fan, pumping air out of the premises inside or blowing inside – to cause pressure difference.

Building tightness testing:

  1. Fan pumps air out of the premises inside, reducing inside pressure, that is why outside air of a higher pressure rushes in the premises.
  2. Fan blows the air hard inside the premises, the inside premises pressure rises, that is why the premises air rushes out.
  3. We calculate, how many times the air inside the premises changes within 1 hour.

From November 1, 2016, after JSC “Klaipeda Construction Company” starts and constructs dwelling houses with A class energy performance, we will kindly wait for Your orders all over Lithuania.

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