astron gamintojo logotipas

Industrial building

We are an official representative of ASTRON

for construction of warehouses / hangars in Lithuania

Construction of storage buildings. Looking for reliable partners for construction of warehouses? Then you are in the right place! Klaipėdos statybos kompanija, UAB has signed a cooperation agreement with ASTRON BUILDING SYSTEMS (, a specialized building design and production company operating for over five decades now, and it makes us proud to be an official representative of this company and the partner in Lithuania. Apart from that, our company employs specialists who have extensive experience in the warehouse construction field, which ensures a great result based on the combination of the professionalism and experience acquired over years.

We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of warehouse construction services, so do not hesitate and get in touch today!

ASTRON BUILDING SYSTEMS will design and pre-fabricate quickly assembled buildings, and we will take care of their assembly.

We can build for you not only warehouses, but also the following structures:

  • Hangars,
  • Shopping centres,
  • Logistics centres,
  • Aviation structures,
  • Car centres and car repair shops,
  • Production buildings,
  • Administrative buildings,
  • Multi-storey car parks,
  • Sports buildings: tennis courts, indoor stadiums,
  • Variety of other structures requiring a span of over 18 m without additional columns.

What do you need to do to order warehouse construction services?

Contact us on 8 686 53020 or by e-mail: and we will take care of everything.

Warehouses and logistics

Astron sandeliai ir logistikos-centrai


Astron pramoniniai pastatai

Shops and

Astron prekybos centrai

Auto-salons and

sandeliu statyba


angaru statyba


sandeliu statyba kaina

Learn everything about Astron within 60 seconds

Conditions for ordering steel buildings of steel constructions

  • For budgetary price calculation we need primary architectural sketches with geometric measurements of the building.
  • We calculate all construction for the customer free of charge.
  • We have strong basis of designs in digital and paper formats.
  • We offer clients and customers to go directly to the factory in Luxembourg, where we will meet You and show You all the production process, so that You could easily make decision on construction of these industrial buildings.
  • Metal construction shall be delivered to construction site after 8 weeks upon signing of agreement.
  • Duration of construction of rapidly prefabricating buildings – hangars, warehouses and other buildings is 30 % shorter comparing to traditional building.
  • We can arrive to the location and in detail present You or Your customers offered buildings and their advantages comparing to traditional ferroconcrete construction.

We carry out construction works
within 4 months

We carry out construction works quicker than others because of quickly produced constructions and their technologically easy prefabricated parts.

Durability and
high quality

Metal of highest quality, durable and comply with all required standards, is used for construction.


ASTRON has its agencies and carries out construction works globally even in 11 countries.


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