Energy certification

Energy certification   is a process which identifies energy use of a building. Every building, evaluated according to the regulations, acquires a certain energy efficiencyrate (from A to G) and gets the certificate proving that fact.

According to the amendments, which came into force after the 9 th  of January 2013, while selling or lending property, it is necessary to specify how much energy is usedby the building.

Energy certificate  allows the owner to sell his property for a higher price, if itsefficiency rate is higher.

Energy certification isperformed according to the following order:

  1. To get the energy efficiency certificate, first of all you need to submit a request contacting us by phone + 370 686 53020 or by email ;
  2. After signing a works performance contract and obtaining the building’s documents, we visit the building to inspect it;
  3. We check the documents you provided:the cadastral measurements file and the project of the building;
  4. Energy certification is performed –energy efficiency of the building is measured, the obtained data is transferred to you, the measures of improving the energy efficiency of the buildings are evaluated;
  5. Finally you get the energy certificate;
  6. It’s worth to know that the validity of energy efficiency certificate is no more than 10 years from the date of itsissue.

What are the cost and the duration of energy certification?

Firstly, it depends on the building which needs energy certificate .The process can take about a few hours if the efficiency of an apartment iscalculated, and the whole working day if it’s efficiency of a house.

After finishing calculations of energy efficiency certification, the energy efficiency certificate  is issued during 1-5 days after submitting all the document snecessary for certification.

Energy certification is not expensive and depends on the floor area of the building. The bigger the floor area is, the lower the certification price of a square meter of a building. To get more prices, we kindly invite you to contact us by phone + 37068653020 or by email



If you are interested in energy certification , we kindly invite you to contact us by phone 8 686 53020  or by email: . We quickly and efficiently work all over Lithuania!

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